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  • 61 The positive distraction. music by Paul Collier. GOOD LUCK WITH EXAMS

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    Publicat in by Ana Bocan in Instrumentale
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    Descriere r/id351218148Download "The Positive Distraction" from iTunes and support PaulEnjoy smooth relaxing beautiful music, no words, a gentle instrumental, Take a break from your busy lifeThe Positive Distraction by Paul Collier (C) 2010 All rights reserved.http://www.PaulFromStokeUK.comFREE DOWNLAD - SEE BELOW - PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY THAT COULD BENEFIT. I HOPE THIS HELPS. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!This music contains brainwave entrainment frequencies, for information on what this is and what it can do, please click here.. entrainment.php?c=8188815My sole wish is for this to help in some way. Please let me know if I have succeded or if i can make this better.THIS IS NOW AVAILABLE AS A FREE DOWNLOAD!!! (FULL 13 MINUTE VERSION) TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS OF MY CHANNEL (PaulFromStokeUK) *** For personal use only, copyright remains with me *** Visit my channel for details ***.Exams? (shudder!) I remember being the other side of those, and I like many lived to tell the tale.Maybe you are stressing out, maybe you just need a break from all the studying, or maybe you are as chillaxed as you can be, but your parents are doing enough stressing for a small army, Then I hope this music that I have wrote specifically for anyone going through this time will help you.3 tips to manage the stress at this time are these....1.) Regular excercise (lifting a pint of guiness does not constitute excercise) as little as 10 or 20 minutes a day walking when your head can't take any more "cramming" can make a big difference. Excercise is thought to raise the level of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain, reduce tension, improve sleep and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol.2.) Get a good nights sleep, unwind between work and bed, take a warm bath, avoid caffiene after 6pm, try to avoid sleeping aids, even herbs, on the night before an exam unless you have taken them before, as they can leave you feeling a little groggy when you wake up in the morning.3.) Listen to relaxing music, close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Locate any area's of tension and relax that area. Focus on each part of your body starting at your feet, moving up to the top of your head relaxing each part. If your thoughts wonder onto anything negative its ok, just notice the thoughts you have having then bring your attention back to slow deep breathing.TO REMEMEBER ON THE DAY in the exam room, take a few deep breaths to reduce tension, then afte turning over the exam paper, take a few minutes to read every question and work out how you are going to spend on each question, allowing time at the end to read over your work. Go for the easy questions first, it will help you gain confidence during the exam in order to tackle the others later. IMPORTANT, If you start to feel anxious/panicking, put your pen down, close your eyes and breathe slowly, drop your shoulders (a known tension point). Now shake your arms, tell yourself "Lets do this" and imagine yourself somewhere happy.Good luck! the fact that you have read this tells me you will do better than you imagine! Paul :)Visit me at http://www.PaulFromStokeUK.comphoto used with courtesy from Thank you.

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