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  • Nick Kunkel aka Iridium

         Nick Kunkel aka. Iridium Is a 21 year old music producer, DJ and songwriter from New York City. He strives to bring a sense of true emotion to his works and to really put a piece of his heart in all of his creations. He hopes to bring soul back to music and fill the airwaves with serenity!

         Growing up in NYC and being surrounded by a diverse group of people, his sound is comprised of many different musical influences. After breaking his foot and ending his promising journey as a tier 1 ice hockey player, Iridium turned his eyes towards his alternate passion … music. Iridium picked up his first pair of turntables at the age of 13 and began experimenting with different genres and blending new sounds together. Although he loved playing other peoples music, he felt a need to share his own original sound with the world.

         Learning that he could program his own drums/ samples and compose his own melodies, he began working tirelessly to develop his sound. What were once mere drum loops and baselines, have grown into full-blown compositions with original lyrics and melodies all created by Iridium. Releasing his music on Soundcloud over the past 8 months, he has amassed over 3,500 followers and about 35,000 plays on his latest release titled “Find Me”. Keep your eyes peeled for this unsigned artist, with more releases coming soon as he is sure to have an impact on the EDM scene!


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